Voluntary Work 

If you are willing to lend in your time and skills towards volunteering to our cause, there are many ways you could help out. Here is a list of the ways you could help:

Business development consultancy  

If you have great communication skills, have the ability to network through online mediums as well as offline, you could volunteer to be part of our business development team and aid in EYE’s growth in terms of its structure as well as the number of people we could help educate and employ.

AI Based solutions on job placement and creation 

One of our platform’s main purpose is to create as many jobs as possible along with job placements for individuals in respectable companies. If you are well versed with AI technology, and software development, this is the best way you could help as volunteers to help our youth! 

Digital platform development 

If you are a 2D/3D animator, graphic designer, website/app/software developer, content writer, photographer or videographer, content developer. Course developer you could volunteer your skills to developing our digital platform on a project basis. Contact us, and we’ll definitely get back to you on any way you could help.