Other than monetary donations, you could also donate some equipment or general items that could help us develop further. Here are some options of the items or equipment that would really help: 

  • Laptops and computers:
    Macbook pro (starting from 2015)
    HP Pavillion 15 (core i7)
  • Adobe softwares: Premiere, illustrator, photoshop, indesign
  • Cameras:
    Webcam: Logitech c920 webcam 
    Point & Shoot Cameras: Canon Vixia, Canon Powershot, Sony W800 
    DSLR: Canon Rebel t5, Canon SL1, Canon 5D Mark 3, Canon 7D Mark 2, Canon 70D 
  • Camera Lenses compatible to mentioned DSLRs: Zoom lens, wide angle lens, cine lens
  • Microphones:
    USB Microphones: Blue Yeti US microphone, Rode NT USB, Audio-Technica AT 2020USB+, Neewer USB Microphone 
    Mics for documentary filmmaking: Audio-Technica AT 897 Shotgun Mic, Sennheiser EW 112P Wireless Mic 
  • Lighting Equipment:
    Soft box lights
    light stands
    Light bulbs
  • File Storage devices: SD cards, external hard drives
  • Tripods 
  • Paid themes and Plugins