Frequently Asked Questions

We are a non-profit organization initiated in 2014 with the main aim to empower our youth from all social classes by offering them opportunities to grow personally and professionally into a career path of their choice. In addition, we want to help the youth by providing them a list of opportunities for revenue generation. The individuals who can benefit this could be those who do not have enough resources for standardized education, those who want to change their career paths, those who want to build their projects (products or services) into something marketable or establish their business, local or home based business owners, or even those who simply want to learn to for their knowledge and add on to their skill set. Emergent Youth Employment is an all encompassing organization, that wants to provide all learning, career development, and youth empowerment facilities all under one roof.

We are currently strongly focusing on the training and development of individuals who are either seeking to promote themselves, in need of career counseling, or are in need of developing certain skill sets. On ground and online training services are provided to people such as students, fresh graduates, professionals and so on. We also provide digital marketing services at reasonable rates to help individuals promote themselves. We are currently developing our website which provides a number of services for job placement and creation in addition to giving individuals the opportunity to learn, and earn a passive income through our portals.

In many ways! You can help our cause through monetary donations, in-kind donations, or through volunteering. Monetary support would go into continuous improvements and updates on our website, marketing the online platform, as well as towards funding underprivileged children who are either taking career counselling training or are seeking out to be entrepreneurs (you would also be funding their marketing with your monetary donations). This would also go towards job creation for the underprivileged as you’d be funding for internship or trainee costs. Through in-kind donations, you could provide furniture, electronic equipment, and whatever you think would be useful to building our cause

Our company account will be mentioned on our home page. In addition, you could refer to our ‘show some love’ page to see what you could donate. There will be a link  on our website that could redirect you to details regarding the donations. You could also contact us on our email, or facebook page and we will give you specific details on how you could donate cash, in kind, or any volunteering services you’d like to offer.